T-Shirt Manufacturers

We pride ourselves on quality and timely delivery and our shirt manufacturers are committed to delivery high quality products at competitive prices.

The Gulati Group’s t-shirt manufacturer specializes in all types of apparel, which ensures that your t-shirts will be made with the highest quality controls in place – the kind of controls that your distributors, and their customers, rightly deserve. This is the quality that you need to protect your brand and get you into new markets, new retailers, and even new economies.

Global T Shirt Manufacturers

With operations in Europe and Asia in addition to our New York City headquarters we are able to serve our global clientele. Our versatility as t-shirt manufacturers allow us to stay in step with global trend. Companies around the world appreciate our strict quality compliance procedures:

  • Factory evaluations
  • Lab testing
  • On-site production monitoring
  • Multiple inspections

We perform pre-production, mid-production and final inspections that ensure the final product is of the highest quality possible. We have among the most intensive inspection processes than most t-shirt manufacturer.

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To take your business to the next level, you need a group of t-shirt manufacturers who care about the quality of your product as much as you do. The Gulati Group can be that trusted partner! To learn more, contact us today using the form on the right.