Textile Manufacturing Company & Wholesaler

For over a decade, the textile manufacturers of The Gulati Group have consistently taken a forward-thinking approach to company development; this endeavor has allowed our business to evolve into an internationally renown textile manufacturing operation. Despite our growth, our principle objective remains the same: to provide high quality, accessible clothing design and apparel sourcing solutions for retailers and brands.

Textile Manufacturing Units

Recently, the company has moved into new markets, such as home textile manufacturer accessories and home furnishings. In this space, we provide goods and services to leading retailers and department stores. We also aim to build a global network of textile manufacturing resources; as part of that effort, we are currently expanding our numerous branch networks, including multiple sites in the United States and International offices throughout Asia.

Textile Manufacturing Companies What Sets us Apart

For our valued business clients, the textile manufacturers of The Gulati Group manage all aspects of the global textile supply chain. Whether it’s providing inspirational apparel designs or sourcing manufacturing and distribution of your product, The Gulati Group is committed to providing a customized solution for your business.

What sets The Gulati Group apart from other textile manufacturing companies is our commitment to transparency about the entire supply chain process; we communicate with our clients as needed to ensure they are always updated about the location of their materials. Our service chain begins with consumer demand, seamlessly moves your order through sourcing, manufacturing and shipping, and ends with consumer fulfillment.

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We encourage you to continue exploring our website to learn more about the textile manufacturing and supply process; then, take a moment to fill out our contact form to indicate your specific textile manufacturer needs. We look forward to servicing you.